Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Strickland Burns More Bridges

Today on the nationally aired Ed Schultz show Ted Strickland took another step toward assuring John Kasick will replace him in 2 years, by showing what type of politician he is. With only hours left remaining in Hillary's campaign, Strickland was throwing out the Clinton smears on Barrack Obama.

He cited the famous “1300 word memo” concerning NAFTA and claimed that Obama was sending different messages to Canadian officials then the voters of Ohio. Anyone who has actually read the text in that memo knows it is first of all a characterization not a statement by any one involved with the Obama campaign. In addition the Canadian government has said repeatedly that there was no inconsistency in anything that was said to them from what Obama has been saying in his speeches.

In addition Strickland insulted Tim Ryan by claiming he and Obama were similar, good looking with good speeches but no experience.

Strickland has cashed checks he cannot cover in this campaign. He better hope he is getting major donations from the Clintons for his next run for office because many Democrats including me won’t give him a dime.

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