Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stephanie Miller!!

Mama was in the house at the WVKO1580 Democratic “Party” in Hilliard tonight. About 1000 progressives packed the house at the Makoy Center.

When I arrived Donna Mogavero was entertaining the crowd with her alternative acoustic original music. She was followed by various WVKO personalities such as Michael Cole and Michale Alwood. Various Democratic Candidates were introduced to say a few words, including Mary Jo Kilroy running for the 15th congressional district, John O’Grady who is running for Franklin County Commissioner, Cindy Lazarus and Kelly Wenzlaff among others.

Stephanie then took the stage and got the crowd going with her brand of unique political humor she is famous for on her radio show and in appearances on CNN such as Friday night on Larry King. She spent a good deal of time handling questions from the audience which brought a lot of laughs and biting attacks on the Bush administration, John McCain, Bill Cunningham and of course Jean Schmidt.

Stephanie shared with us that Columbus was her “first love” as it was the first major market her show was on the air. In 2007 the Clear Channel station that carried the show dropped progressive radio and switched to a conservative radio format like so many others. Just recently WVKO switched to a progressive format and brought Stephanie Miller along with Ed Schultz and Air America back to Columbus. She also let us know that in the most recent ratings, the station that dropped progressive radio is now dead last in the Columbus Market. She commented “good luck selling that!”

The size of the crowd showed a real need and appreciation for progressive radio in Columbus. It is important that we support this station and show America that we deserve a voice on the airwaves as well.

If you live in the Columbus market be sure to tune in to 1580AM. If you don’t you can listen to it on the net at Tell your friends about it. And most of all support the advertisers that make progressive radio possible.

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