Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It’s about results.

For decades this country has been deadlocked on many of the issues important to American’s, health care, the loss of manufacturing jobs, unfair tax code, low wages, unemployment, immigration just to name a few. The reality is and has been for some time that neither party is ever likely to have a significant majority in congress.

American’s are sick and tired of the partisan bickering on every single issue. The simplest confirmations and bills result in finger pointing, credit taking, fear of letting the other party look good and worse. Since the days of Reagan and Newt Gingrich our government has been more about taking credit and placing blame then on actually serving its citizens. What candidate for President has the ability to change this?

Unless you never have seen Fox News or even spoken to a Republican, you know Hillary Clinton is a polarizing force. Fair or not she is down right despised by many on the Right. They will fight and win almost every battle against her. Public opinion often will be on their side. Even if some miracle happens and she does get the nomination, polls show a very close and difficult battle for her to win the general election. In the nightmare scenario where super delegates and rule changing concerning Michigan and Florida give her the nomination over the will of the voters, the dissatisfaction among democrats and independents will be huge.

What does Hillary have to say about this in her campaign rhetoric? That she is battle tested. That she will fight. That she has been hit before and hit again and survived. So in short the same us vs. them mentality that has caused our government to get bogged down and get nothing accomplished. Just like Hillary’s first attempt at health care reform.

Then there is Barack Obama. I man who against all odds succeeded in helping those of south Chicago as a community organizer, who drew together religious leaders and elected officials and business leaders to improve things for the community. A man as a State Senator sponsored and got bills passed working with fellow democrats and republicans. Improving education, health care and the flawed death penalty system in his state. As a United States Senator he hasn’t sat around waiting for the “elders” to do something. He has been there working on legislation helping our veterans returning from Iraq, increasing the minimum wage and health care for children. He has a proven record not just of having ideas and giving speeches, but has a record of getting the job done.

There is a wave of excitement rolling over this country around Barack Obama. His support is wide spread among men, women, old, young, blacks, whites, Hispanics, academics, factory workers, teachers, and health care professionals, democrats, independents and yes republicans. He has given people hope. People who have been unengaged in the political process have been awakened. This man can and will carry a true mandate when he is elected President. He will have the popular support that will give the Congress, no matter who controls it, a clear message that Americans will have change. He will give hope to the leaders of the world that there is a new man in charge. He is a man that has the strength of not only the military but the voices of the American people behind him.

Face it; Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s positions on just about every issue are very similar. One of these candidates will have the ability to actually get results and that is Barack Obama.

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