Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama’s “substance:” The War

As Hillary in her desperation to win at any cost begins using a “swift boat” style 527 advertising campaign to trash Obama for being an eloquent speaker, I continue with my 3rd in a series of issues articles that show that Hillary’s whining about speeches and no substance is another of her falsifications.

Both Candidates now say they want to end the war. Obama’s plan is very detailed and laid out on his web site on exactly how many troops will be brought out of Iraq and when. Hillary’s says, will have a meeting about it. Which who knows perhaps after the meeting she will change her mind on the war again.

Barack Obama has never swayed on his opposition to this war from the beginning. Obama was speaking out against this war in 2003 and 2004. In 2005 he called for a phased withdrawal, in 2006 he called for a timetable to remove our troops and in 2007he introduced legislation to have our combat troops removed by March 2008.

Where was Hillary? She is partly responsible for authorizing this war as she voted to do so. She stood by that until the polls showed clearly she would not get elected if she were to continue that course.

Once again the person with the “substance” is Barack Obama.

Read more about Barrack Obama’s plan for ending the war at:

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