Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vote my way or die!

This was the message George W. Bush gave to the Congress today once again using terror as a scare tactic to justify the blatant removal of more of our constitutional rights.

George W. Bush began his speech with a threat of a terror attack that would make 9/11 “pale by comparison” if the House of Representatives doesn’t vote with the Senate to renew the unconstitutional FISA act and to give telecom companies immunity from law suits brought against them by those whose civil rights have been violated.

The story behind the story is it is these very lawsuits that would force the courts to look at the legality and constitutionality of Bush’s wire tapping crimes.

The Senate has passed the bill, the criminal in chief has called for, but the House of Representatives has yet to do so.

The good news is Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown did vote against the FISA bill. George Voinivich as usual walked in lock step with Bush Crime Family and voted for the act.

The original FISA act dealt with the issue of speed in getting wiretaps for national security by allowing the intelligence agencies to obtain warrants after the fact. But the Bush administration wanted no court review of their wiretapping even afterwards. Why? Only one reason I know, because they are wiretapping people for reasons having nothing to do with national security.

Contact your Congressman now to urge them not to cave to the Bush’s scare tactics.

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