Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Extremist Right to Lifers invade Zanesville

Today the main commercial road through Zanesville, Maple Ave, was invaded by right to life advocates using very sick and immoral tactics. The road normally traveled by families on their way to shop at the Mall, Walmart, Bob Evan's, or on their way to Doctor's offices or Hospitals, was lined with advocates using their religion to justify exposing all including children 6' tall posters of aborted fetises. This along with similar visuals on two trucks that I saw, tying up traffic driving up and down the street.

Be for or against abortion or any issue. But using your religion to justify exposing children to such images makes as much sense as the use of Muslim extremist using their religion to justify their actions or the KKK for that matter.

What if someone tried to show the atrocities of war standing along that same street showing blown up servicemen or Iraqi children? Would that be considered acceptable? I think not.

Yes I'll defend the rights of free speech for anyone, but I also have the right to criticize their methods and words as wrong and irresponsible.

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