Friday, November 10, 2006

Thank you Veterans

For putting your lives on hold to fight for us, thank you

For risking your life and limbs to serve, thank you

For being separated from your loved ones, thank You

For enduring boot camp and training, thank you

For showing courage when being shot at, bombed and attacked, thank you

For acting with honor and integrity and leading by example, thank you

For doing your job, regardless of political reasons and opinions, thank You

For watching your brother or sister’s back, thank you

For perseverance through extended tours and early redeployments, thank you

For showing respect to the citizens in the country your deployed, thank you

For representing your country with pride, thank you

For allowing your lives to be changed forever, thank You

The words “thank you” are insufficient to express the gratitude of the country you serve, but its important you hear them today and everyday from all of us regardless of our political opinions on this or any war in which you may have served.


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