Monday, July 02, 2007

Bush declares his administration above the law

George W. Bush while much of the world was distracted by an attempted terrorist attack in the U.K., used the opportunity for his cronies personal gain as usual. Today he commuted the sentence of former Cheney Hench-man Scotter Libby.

Libby was prosecuted by a Bush appointed prosecutor, tried and convicted by a Bush appointed judge, denied appeal by a panel of Judges 2 out of 3 appointed by republicans for the crime of obstructing justice. For those that do not recall, Libby released the name of a covert CIA operative to punish her husband for calling out the Bush Administration's lies leading the country to war.

Bush in a statement today said that the "prison part of the sentence was excessive." In fact the sentence given Libby was exactly per federal sentencing guidelines. So what Bush really means, this sentence was excessive for his buddies.

Once again the President shows he has no respect for laws or Constitution of the United States. As more crimes come out the President will clearly just pardon or commute his Hench-men.

The President took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, clearly he has broken that oath. It is time for this Criminal to be impeached. While there is still anything left of our Constitution and the rule of law.

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