Thursday, February 07, 2008

Would you vote for this person?

Consider the following candidate. For now lets call him John Ambitious.

John grew up in a very wealthy suburb of a major midwestern city. Like most around him to be popular and to get ahead he of course joined and was active in a republican youth group that had as its icon Barry Goldwater.

Mr. Ambitious of course then attended a privileged college in the northeast where acting and speaking out as a liberal was the way to get ahead so, Goldwater youth was now vocal progressive.

John met and married his wife an up and coming young woman from the south, who eventually became Governor of her state. Midwestern boy John now learned to play the good ole southern boy role to keep his popularity there.

Meanwhile as his wife pursued her career, John was a successful corporate attorney, representing clients on questionable real estate deals and even got to sit on the board of a fortune 500 company that had a history of involvement with overseas sweat shops, low wages at home and giving its employees little benefits. But Mr. Ambitious managed to keep his liberal credentials by putting his name and attending a meeting or two of a few charitable organizations along the way.

Then much to everyone’s surprise John’s wife became President of the United States. So of John went at his spouse’s side to Washington. John championed some causes with books and speeches but failed to be successful at getting anything implemented.

Once his wife’s political career was over, Mr. Ambitious realized the chance for his own ambitions had come. So he looked for and found a soon to be vacated Senate seat, rushed to buy a home in that state and claim, "Hey I’m no longer a Midwest boy or a good ole southern boy, I’m a New Yorker, elect me". Amazingly it worked!

So this gave Mr. Ambitious what he needed, a place to pad his resume. Vote one way if popular opinion was that way; vote the opposite when the polls showed support had changed and on and on. John was even successful in making sure his name was put on as cosponsor to as many popular bills as possible to help pad that resume even more. John didn't actually lead any fights against a war, or for health care, and in fact voted sometimes the opposite way, but somehow he managed to keep his popularity.

Now John Ambitious is showing us this carefully crafted resume claiming 35 years of experience and wants us to vote for him to be President.

Seriously would you vote for this man?

Now lets say he isn’t a man but a woman, does that make any difference?

So then why would anyone vote for Hillary Clinton, because this was her story.

After the 8 years of smoke and mirrors, half truths and exaggerated claims by the Bush white house, this country needs someone that is upfront, honest, not only tries to appear to be something but actually is the real deal.

Barack Obama is the real deal.

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