Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hillary the Candidate Republican's Love

Why does Hillary lead in fundraising, is it just the lobbiests she has accepted $400,000 from that neither Obama or Edwards will accept? Not totally.

Why have the right wing mouthpieces on Fox News and elsewhere began turning most of their attention attacking Edwards and Obama and mentioning Hillary less and less?

Because they want Hillary to win the Democratic Nomination. Hillary polarizes voters like few others. She will not get the moderate vote, she will not get the fox viewer vote. She will not get the Religious vote, she will not get most of the white male vote period.

Hillary is the perfect candidate for the Republicans to run against. They know this and are actively working to make it happen.

Don't believe me? Check out some of her contributers. Here are two you may have heard of. Kenneth Star's Law Firm, yes the Kenneth Star that went after her Husband for lying about his activties with Monica. Then there is Rupurt Murdoch, the owner of various right wing rags and oh yes, Fox News Channel.

Need I say more? Ain't it great for our choices to be manipulated by right wing money once again?

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