Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove: Evil Genius

This morning on CNN I saw Bob Bennett, Conservative Radio Host, flippantly remark, that Karl Rove was leaving of his free will without indictment. I found this statement sad. That its so accepted that the Bush Administration is so corrupt that its a surprise one leaves without legal charges against him.

Yes Karl Rove is a genius, he managed not only to stay out of jail, but he took a stuffed shirt, who had failed at every business he attempted and made him first a Governor of Texas but President of the United States, twice!.

Evil because Karl Rove truly used the "win at any cost" philosophy. He used intimidation, fear, manipulation of not only voters but the right wing media and anyone who desired to keep their job within the government. He used the fears of the christian right of gay rights to manipulate them to march in step with his client, while laughing at them the entire time. And most disgusting of all he used the tragedy of 9/11 for political gamesmanship. In the end he left the constitution in shreds.

He was involved in treason by outing a CIA agent, he committed contempt of congress by refusing to testify, he was the architect of fraudulent election practices in Ohio and Florida, and these are just the things we know about.

So should be relax now that he is resigning? Absolutely not. One goal of Rove that remains unrealized is a permanent republican majority. Do you really believe he quit now to spend time with his family? He is not done. Someone will sell their soul to this man to get elected. The Republican race is a mess for them, their only hope is that Hillary is the democratic nominee. Would Rove assist Hillary behind the scenes? "a permanent republican majority," "win at any cost", what do you think?

It is absolutely imperative that we prevent an administration like this from ever happening again. Just because Rove is done, is no reason to stop going after him and those around him who have broken the law. Just because Bush would pardon him is not a reason to stop, Just because Bush would be out of office before we could bring him to justice is no reason to stop.

Investigations must continue vigorously, and the guilty must be brought to justice. Not for revenge, not to remove them from office, but to show the world the citizens of the United States will not allow our Constitution and laws be miss used in this way ever again.



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