Wednesday, February 20, 2008

22 More have died

While the attention has been on the primary elections 22 more American servicemen have died this month in Iraq. 22 men with families, 22 young lives lost in a war that should never have happened.

They died as the Bush, McCain and the republicans talk about how much success we are having in Iraq. They were killed as the republicans justify a war by rewriting history. They continue to chant their mantras about stopping terrorism and protecting America, that we must defeat Al Qaeda. When Iraq never attacked us, Al Qaeda did not exist in Iraq until we started this war.

What is worse is that 22 more families weep while citizens and congress have given a President a pass for lying us into this war, perhaps the worst crime any President could do as commander in chief.

Then follows John McCain who spouts the same exact rhetoric perpetuating the lies and the fear mongering. Demanding some “victory” that no one can define. Saying we may need to have a presence in Iraq a 100 years.

John McCain says the length of time we remain in Iraq is not important. I assure you Senator it is important to the families of the 22 men killed this month and to the hundreds what will die because of men like you prolonging this disaster.

To all the candidates be it known that though other issues seem to get most of the attention these days to these 22 families it is the war that is THE issue.

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