Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The voters are speaking loud and clear

Last night after a 17 % margin of victory in Wisconsin a landslide win in Hawaii, Barack Obama has won 10 states in a row, 22 total. Hillary has won only 11 and not a single one since Super Tuesday. Not only is Obama winning he is winning by huge numbers and in every demographic group under 60.

It is clear who the democratic voters have chosen to lead our party to victory in November. The only people who seem to be blind to that fact are the Clintons and the so-called Party leaders. It is a travesty that though the voters are speaking in a clear majority the super delegates support Hillary by a significant margin. This proves to me the party elite once again are not in touch with the voters of the party as a whole.

The message to these party elders must be that its time to listen to the rank and file, it is time to join with us or get out of the way. There is a new energy among democrats it will not be stifled by cronyism and paying back favors and back room deals. Committee members and state chair persons can and will be replaced. Elected officials can be challenged in primaries.

The voters are speaking, they will be listened to.

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