Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillary draws boos during debate.

The Clinton Campaign has been hanging any desperate hope they have left on the debates for a chance for her to hit a disabling punch to slow down the momentum of the Obama campaign. Instead each and every attack and smear tactic she has used not only in the debate but over the last few weeks came right back at her.

Barack Obama addressed each and every attack in a professional, calm and effective way. Her claims of no substance were clearly met with intelligent and clear facts on each and every issue. Her constant half-truths were shown to be just that on issues like health care.

When directly asked if her claims that she would be ready to be commander in chief on day one and Obama wouldn’t she did not answer the question. Barack Obama showed that his decision making on the War as opposed to her initial support for it, showed who was indeed ready.

Then she tried to go on her ridiculous “plagiarism” accusation that Obama hit back with a strong response. Then in her desperation she countered with “Lifting whole passages from speeches is not change you can believe in its change you can Xerox.” The resulting boos from the crowd created an awkward moment in which she clearly knew she had blown it.

To end the debate she said, “No matter what happens we will be fine.” Then she went on to say her real concern was for the American people. A very nice, seemingly genuine line to close the debate, was almost as genuine as when John Edwards said it the first time in a previous debate. Who is accusing who of plagiarism?

It was clear in last night’s debate that Barack Obama is a real, substantive, ready and effective leader. Hillary is a desperate candidate trying anything to keep her ambitions to be crowned President from fading away.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary is holding Obama accountable for his action.

He is running his campaign based on inspiring speech. So his speech must be his own words. She held Obama accountable for his action. His campaign is based on Hope/Change/Inspiring Words. If he wants to do that, it can't be a verbatim from someone else speech. He shortchanges his supporters.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Joe R said...

The statement "He is running his campaign based on inspiring speech." Is untrue.

It is true he is a very inspirational speaker that is a fact not a basis of his campaign.

Anyone who actually takes the time to listen to what he says, to read the detail of his ideas, as shown on my blog and can see that.

Just a review of his and Hillary's websites anyone can see that his is full of detailed explanations of his plans and policy beliefs and experience. He goes into way more detail an many issues then Hillary does by far.

The bottom line is that this entire plan of attack by the Cintonites is plain silly and hipocritcal.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama supporters are funny. You fawn.

Obama has a laundry list of things he says he's for, but no record of hinting that he'll be able to get things done or how he'll prioritize. He bungles questions about the fence, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, Health Care, and the economy.

The man has been plagiarizing speeches, plans and GOP strategies for engendering Hillary-hate. Yeah, not the kind of president I want or trust.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

"He bungles questions about the fence, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, Health Care, and the economy."

Actually he speaks quite eloquently on all these issues. While Hillary and her supporters keep talking about this silly plagairism crap.

He has an 11 year record of holding elective office and getting a many bills enacted into law on a variety of issues.

Hillary has less legislative experience and brags most about her work for a health care plan as first lady that failed miserably.

4:17 PM  

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