Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Endorsement: Ohio's 7th

I live in the clearly gerrymandered republican safe 7th district. Which swings from the Miami Valley through Springfield down under Columbus to pick me up somehow on the southern edge of Reynoldsburg. For 18 years this district has indeed been safe for Dennis Hobson who thankfully is retiring at the end of this term.

It has been frustrating for democrats in this district every 2 years to find no viable democratic candidate opposing Hobson. This year I’m pleased to see a number of democrats running for the seat and even more pleased to find one with the background and beliefs of Sharen Neuhadt.

Sharen will be another fresh voice that is so much needed not only in congress but also in the Democratic Party. Sharen not being a carpetbagger grew up in the Miami valley in Dayton. She is the daughter of a Police officer and the grand daughter of a Fireman. She is a graduate of Georgetown Law School and a successful and accomplished attorney.

She has experience working with community and business leaders and will be willing and able to work not only with her fellow democrats in congress but also to cross the aisle to actually get something done.

Her positions on the war and health care and the economy are very much in line with mine.

Sharen has the experience, background and ability not only to win this district but also to serve it well in Congress.

Read more about Sharen:

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