Monday, February 25, 2008

It's about trust.

This country has gone through 7 years with a President that has misled, lied, used fear as a political tool, and that the vast majority of the citizens of this country and the world do not trust. This has severely damaged our standing and respect around the world, sunk our economy into a recession and has left many with a cynicism and lack of hope for the future that has rarely been seen in history.

Here in Ohio we had elected officials pleading guilty to crimes, investigations galore, millions of dollars stolen and misused. This lead to a state with a crumbling infrastructure, and economy among the worst of any state in the nation, public schools rated in the bottom 5 in the country and a higher education system that became less and less accessible to many.

Two years ago the voters of Ohio took action and they threw out the ones we could not trust. There is hope for change in Ohio because we have leaders once again we can trust.

Now comes the Presidential election and once again the issue of trust is in the forefront of many Americans minds. “Trust” is the reason I support Barack Obama.

If you take the time to research the biography and careers of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, a clear difference is evident. Barack is consistent in his beliefs, his actions, his career moves, and in public life how he has voted and spoken out on every issue. His entire career has been about working to make things better for ordinary Americans. He was not only a promising Harvard Law Graduate but also lead the Harvard Law Review. He had a free ticket to the best legal jobs in the country. Yet he returned to Illinois to work as a community organizer. He worked to help people get better education and training, to get jobs, and health care. As a state senator in Illinois he worked to pass bills on all these same issues. He worked with republicans to actually get these bills made into law. As a United States Senator he continued on that same path.

Barack Obama’s policies have remained consistent. He spoke out against the Iraq war in 2002 when everyone else was jumping on the “fear of weapons of mass destruction” boat. He has spoken out against NAFTA from the beginning. His commitment to the working class has been there throughout his entire career. I cannot find a single policy he has spoken one way on one day and flip flopped, as so many others have done.

Then there is Hillary. She was for single payer health care now she is not. She supported NAFTA and said. “Everyone is in favor of fair trade and NAFTA has proven its worth.” Now that she needs Ohio she is opposed to NAFTA. She voted to authorize the war and now she is against it. She claims to have 35 years of experience in public service when the reality is other then first lady the vast majority of her career was as a corporate lawyer in the Rose Law Firm. She talks about higher minimum wage and how employers should pay a living wage, when she sat on the board of Wal-Mart.

Just look at how she has run her campaign. One day she is proud of being on the stage with Barack Obama then other days, she gives contrived speeches of false rage saying “shame on you, Barack Obama” for having mailers that show truthfully the differences in their policies. Her campaign leaks out a photograph of Obama in native clothing on a recent trip to Africa, to fan fears and help prolong outrageous racist untrue rumors. She sarcastically implies Obama’s supporters are delusional or cult like. She actually tries to make the fact that Obama is a talented and inspirational speaker a weakness on his part. Her conduct alone in the last two weeks is enough to lose any trust most Americans have for this woman.

The choice is clear. Real consistent truth and actions or contrived statements trying to remake who she is and where she stands based on the wind direction. There is one candidate who has earned our trust in this campaign and that is Barack Obama.

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Blogger mud_rake said...

Amen, brother! Obama is the man for this time, these problems that we face.

Can you imagine the hate machine already being assembled to attack the senator? Not only the Karl Rove folks, but the KKK and other White Supremacy groups.

Add to that the corporate world as well as the military-industrial complex and Obama has a mountain to climb to get into the Oval Office.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

12:08 PM  

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