Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are your phones being tapped?

Bush again this morning pushed for the House of Representatives to pass his unconstitutional FISA bill. He wants us to believe that the terrorists are going to get us because they have to get warrants to wire tap Americans as the Supreme court has upheld many times.

In addition he wants to prevent citizens the due process of law to be able to file law suits should they be a victim of unreasonable invasions of their privacy. Giving the telecom companies more rights than any other citizen or corporation has.

He has used fear mongering to pass this bill along with his cronies that run the television ads. The fact is they can within the law that still exists, the one that is actually constitutional, they can wire tap suspected terrorists they just have to obtain a warrant after the fact within a reasonable amount of time.

There is only one reason they don’t want a court to review their wiretapping. It has nothing to do with speed, or with protecting the country. It is to spy on anyone they choose.

If you believe this being some wacko conspiracy theory think again. According to the ACLU there are currently 900,000 people on the terrorist watch list. It is expected to be a million by July. I got to tell you if there are a million terrorists that need to be watched, the game is over folks. People on this watch list include men named Robert Johnson, 20 of which have been detained at the airport every time they attempt to fly. Evo Morales the President of Bolivia, Senator Ted Kennedy, Congressmen John Lewis of Georgia are other notable names that have been on this watch list.

For once the Democrats have been showing some backbone to fight Bush’s shredding of the Constitution. Call, write or email your Congressmen to support them in this effort.


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