Saturday, March 01, 2008

Clinton: A lifetime of experience?

Today on the press plane once again Hillary Clinton touted her “life time of experience.”

These are the facts: 1 year sitting on a board of the Children’s Defense fund does not equal a lifetime. Speaking out for the welfare reform bill her husband passed that has lead to significant increases in poverty in this country is not working to eradicate poverty.

Years as a corporate lawyer with the Rose Law firm on shady land deals and increasing her personal wealth do not count as public service. Sitting on the board of Wal-mart does not demonstrate a commitment to fair wages and health benefits for the middle class.

Photo ops around the world as a first lady do not count as foreign policy experience. She never negotiated a treaty; she never had the authority to make any decisions whatsoever. This certainly doesnt count as national security experience.

She stated today she was “in on some of the discussions when her Husband was President.” Does this mean Laura and Barbara Bush are qualified to be President? Was Hillary “in” on the discussions on NAFTA too?

She has been elected to one public office, ever. Held it for 8 years. 8 does not equal 35. In the most important vote of that 8 years a President lied to the country and the world to start a war. She said yes, Barack Obama said no.

Barack Obama tells it like it is. He doesn’t claim to be anything he isn’t. He has worked his entire lifetime to help the poor and the middle class, improve the plight of the jobless. Actually got laws passed to improve access to health care, the death penalty, ethics in government, care for returning Veterans. He actually lived and went to school in a 3rd world country, his father was born in and his grandparents live in Kenya. These experiences give him way more insight then any photo op.

Barack Obama knows its about what we can accomplish. One of the most obvious differences between Hillary and he are that she uses the word "I" over and over and over, I did this I did that, I will do that, in her constant self promoting. Obama says "we." He doesnt believe he is superman he knows it took many to accomplish the bills he got into law and he knows it will take all of us to make the changes this country needs. She talks about fighting, he talks about working together. One is the politics of division and one the politics of hope.

Experience? I will take real experience over a padded resume every time.

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Blogger WestEnder said...

Good point about the "I" and "We"... I hadn't noticed that before.

I pretty much agree with the analysis of Clinton's "experience," but as far as the vote on Iraq, remember that Obama was not yet in the Senate so he never had to actually cast a vote.

10:38 AM  

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