Friday, February 29, 2008

Hillary plays Fear and Gender Cards

In Hillary Clinton’s latest smear ad called “children” she uses the Republican fear technique of showing sleeping children while the phone rings at 3am. The ad implies something is happening in the world, with the message: who do you want answering the phone to keep your children safe. The ad of course shows a Mother coming into the children’s room and then Hillary answering the phone. This commercial is clearly playing the fear card and the gender card overtly, implying that Obama is not prepared to take care of your Children.

As usual Barack Obama answered this attack with calm and wisdom by pointing out Hillary already had a “red phone moment” when she voted for the war.

This tactic will fail as miserably as every other attack ad she has run. Everyone knows she is a woman and frankly having a woman as a viable candidate for President is absolutely wonderful. It is about time. But, I didn’t vote for Jesse Jackson for President even though it was terrific to finally have a black candidate. He wasn’t the right person for the job. Despite the fact she is a woman, Hillary isn’t the right person either.

Hillary reminds me of the kid in school that always was accusing everyone else of being a liar when in fact they were the one that told untruths all the time. Hillary keeps accusing Obama of attacking her when the reality it is Hillary that runs the smear campaigns. No one with a brain is falling for this desperate nonsense

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