Monday, March 03, 2008

The Truth on NAFTA

In a last minute sad attempt to smear Obama, the Clintonites are touting some supposed "smoking gun" concerning NAFTA and Barack Obama that is barely a water pistol. The Associated Press is reporting that a Canadian official wrote a memo about his "impressions" of a meeting that took place with a Man that happens to be a senior economic adviser to the Obama campaign. They will tell you the memo means this and that. But read what it actually says. It is not a quote from anyone in the Obama campaign. It is not a statement from Barack Obama or anyone else to tell them not to worry about campaign rhetoric on NAFTA.

People use your brains here. Obama wants to improve protections concerning environmental and labor issues. Canada is NOT the problem on either of those issues. They have stricter laws then the United States. So yes, there truly isn't anything for Canada to worry about.

On the other hand we have it direct from Hillary's own mouth what she said about NAFTA.

any questions?

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