Friday, March 07, 2008

Shame on Hillary: Part 1

I have been a Democrat my entire life and the single most important thing to me is truth. That is why I named this blog Fundamental Truths. It is why I get so passionate when anyone shows dishonesty or lack of integrity. If you look through my past blogs you will see consistency on that theme as I have called out anyone that I felt has lied, misled or showed a lack of integrity in anyway. Most of the time it has been Republicans unfortunately now it’s a Democrat.

The tactics and words of Hillary Clinton and her campaign have shown that she is dishonest and cares only about one thing her ambitions. She has shown she will say or do anything to achieve them, whether it is good for the party or the country. People were excited about this election like you haven’t seen in years, and now because of the dishonest tactics and smears many are becoming disillusioned once again. Even her own supporters are emailing the campaign asking her to stop these things.

I stand for truth and honesty before any other issue. I will not sit quietly while someone smears and twists and lies to us. I will point it out with the hope that we will not have another dishonest President.

The following are the reasons Hillary should be ashamed:

NAFTA gate: Her campaign making a huge deal out of a non story involving Canada and NAFTA, claiming Obama was sending a different message to Canada then to the voters of Ohio. The fact was, he did not. Now we learn it was actually the Clinton Campaign that contacted the Prime Minister’s office to tell them exactly what they claimed Obama did.

Race Baiting: Bill Clintons comments during the South Carolina Primary, The release of the picture of Obama wearing a Kenyan tribal outfit, the darkening of his face on literature to make him look “blacker,” are just a few of the examples of this.

The Muslim question: Hillary purposely and deliberately answered the “Muslim” question about Obama on 60 minutes in a way to show she had doubt. It was carefully crafted, with pauses and phrases like “as far as I know,” to leave doubt.

Rezco: The Clinton campaign brings up the Rezco trial in absolutely every appearance on television or radio. Obama has NOTHING to do with this trial whatsoever and they know it, you would think after years of accusations involving the shady deals around Whitewater, the Clintons would never sink to such depths.

Louis Farrakhan: Hillary’s implications in the debate concerning ties to Louis Farrakhan were silly and frankly again an attempt at race baiting.

Shame on you: Hillary’s Fake outrage at mailers sent out by the Obama campaign like she just saw them was dishonest at best. First of all there was nothing false in those mailers. Secondly they had been out for months.

John McCain: Hillary’s statements that she and John McCain are qualified to be commander in chief and she debases Obama’s 20 years of experience by calling it “giving a speech” proves completely she is about one thing, her ambitions. She would rather a risk a McCain Presidency to try to reach her ambitions.

35 years of Experience: Is a lie. She does not have 35 years of experience in public service period. She has much less experience then Obama. She has held one elected office.

Unfair Press: Her whining about the Press was disingenuous. For one the Conservative press clearly has been negative on Obama they want Hillary to win so they can beat her. There were more positive Facts about Obama and Negative Facts to report about Hillary. The facts are the facts, Positive or Negative.

Michigan and Florida: These two states were warned not to move their primaries. ALL candidates agreed. These Primaries did not happen. No one campaigned there, voters knew it didn’t count and in Michigan Hillary was the only one on the Ballot. She agreed to these rules, trying to change the rules in the middle of the game because your losing is called cheating.

I called this Part 1 because Hillary and her cohorts show no sign of stopping their tactics. Each and every lie, half-truth, smear, and false implication will be pointed out in this blog.

The most important trait in a President is Honesty. Hillary Clinton has proven she is not qualified to be President.

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Blogger mud_rake said...

I agree with your position and facts 100%. Thanks for being a person who is willing to call out a fellow Democrat when they are acting and talking like a slimy Republican.

9:19 PM  

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