Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Economic crises forces McCain to face reality.

For almost a month now the McCain campaign has tried somewhat successfully distract the media and the voters from the real issues in this campaign. By spouting lies and false accusations and distortions. We have been hearing about lipstick, pigs, troopergate, and tanning beds. But and issue has exploded and forced McCain and the media to deal with it. That is the Economy

For 28 years Republicans have been selling the American voter a bill of goods. That it is government that is the problem. It's the regulations, the controls, and the taxes. Privatize everything and market forces will take care of it all. Help the rich and corporations get richer and some will trickle down to you.

Let's look at what has happened.

Oil Companies were deregulated and given tax breaks, they make record profits while prices are crippling the budget of every American and effecting the economy with higher prices in every sector.

Banks were deregulated. They are failing at an alarming rate causing people to lose their savings, pensions and costing taxpayers with bailouts. Record foreclosures causing millions to lose their homes. Others to lose the value of their primary asset.

Corporate tax breaks were given that has resulted in huge bailouts and salaries for CEO's while these corporations ship more and more jobs overseas.

The rich have gotten richer the middle class has gotten poorer. Averages wages have dropped.

What did not happen is that though Bush and McCain wanted to privatize social security they failed. Can you imagine if they had with what has happened in the stock market? Millions of Senior Citizens would be left with nothing.

McCain has again and again over the years fought regulation, blamed government oversight and tried along with the other Republicans to call responsible oversight, regulation and preventative measures everything from "liberal" evils to socialism.

Now suddenly McCain is for Regulation?

John McCain IS partially responsible for this mess after his 32 years of leading us down this path to economic ruin along with his Republican cohorts.

His claiming he can fix it now is like a guy pushing someone in the deep end of the pool and then asking for a reward for saving him from drowning.

Enough is Enough, John McCain. Americans will not fall for your labeling everything "liberal", to your 3 second sound bites that mean nothing.

There is a man that has detailed the policies and changes this country needs in his 3 books, in every speech and in detail in his literature and web site. A man that has had consistent views and plans on what changes this Economy needs, unlike McCain that came up with his plan yesterday. That man is Barack Obama. He is the President Americans need.

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