Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McCain's Lie of the Day:The Economy

McLiar had this to say yesterday on CNBC. "I understand the economy. I was chairman of the Commerce Committee that oversights every part of our economy."

According to the Washington Post this is actually what the Commerce Committee does:

The full list of Commerce Committee oversight areas follows:

1. Coast Guard.
2. Coastal zone management.
3. Communications.
4. Highway safety.
5. Inland waterways, except construction.
6. Interstate commerce.
7. Marine and ocean navigation, safety, and transportation, including
navigational aspects of deepwater ports.
8. Marine fisheries.
9. Merchant marine and navigation.
10. Nonmilitary aeronautical and space sciences.
11. Oceans, weather, and atmospheric activities.
12. Panama Canal and interoceanic canals generally, except as provided
in subparagraph (c).
13. Regulation of consumer products and services, including testing
related to toxic substances, other than pesticides, and except for
credit, financial services, and housing.
14. Regulation of interstate common carriers, including railroads,
buses, trucks, vessels, pipelines, and civil aviation.
15. Science, engineering, and technology research and development and
16. Sports.
17. Standards and measurement.
18. Transportation.
19. Transportation and commerce aspects of Outer Continental Shelf

But if McCain really wants credit for this mess the Republicans have created who like him have eliminated every regulation to prevent this banking crises from happening then it's all his.

Also today in McCain's new ad, "Enough", he says: "I won't tolerate a system that puts you and your family at risk. Your savings, your job."

Oh really, for decades McCain has worked to eliminate every regulation that does protect our families and savings. Speaking of savings, when McCain took money to intercede on the behalf of now convicted savings and loan felon, Charles Keating, who's savings was McCain protecting then?

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