Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RepubOILcans show their true motives.

It is quite clear that "drill here, drill now" is just another mean nothing slogan the RepubOILcans want to use to try to fool Americans. As we speak the Democrats in Congress are proposing a compromise measure to be able to actually accomplish something. But as usual the RepubOILcans in Congress oppose it.

This bill takes off the federal moratorium on drilling more the 50 miles off shore and leaves drilling up to the states. This would open a significant number of areas to new drilling leases to the oil companies.

So why would the RepubOILcans oppose this?

1. The bill ends tax breaks for the Oil Companies that are making record profits on the back of American consumers.

2. The bill requires additional usage of renewable sources of energy by the electric companies.

3. The moratorium expires on September 30th anyway, so the Bush administration can pad his buddies in the oil industry's balance sheets by approving unlimited drilling leases.

4. The RepubOILcans don't actually want any actual solutions to the energy crises they instead want to block any progress so they can try to blame the other side in the upcoming elections.

Republicans true motives are simple, more profits for their big oil donors and have a simple minded slogan to use in the next election. This is how they have operated for decades. This time its destroying our economy, hitting our wallets every day, and risking our national security.

Enough is Enough.

We need solutions not slogans.

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