Friday, September 12, 2008


In McCain's latest smear ad he tries to accuse Obama of being "disrespectful" to Palin. The truth is they have given her more respect then she deserves. When it is obvious to everyone, especially after her canned responses and display of incredible lack of knowledge on ABC News last night, the Obama campaign has bent over backwards not to attack her. Just imagine if a male candidate had avoided and didn't answer and showed that he didn't even understand the questions like she did last night. The media would be all over him. But no she is a woman so she did ok, considering. Give me a break. She wants to be Vice President for God's sake, this isn't the Miss Alaska pageant

Yet the truth is there is much to attack. Her far right wing actions as mayor of some little town and Governor of some little state leave much to concern all. Book Banning, firing anyone that doesn't bow ot her pressure. Using her office to carry out personal family vendetta's. Ignoring science over issues like evolution and global warming. Saying the Iraq war is a "Task from God," and praying to God to have a pipeline built.

Yet has the Obama campaign come out to attack her.. No. In fact neither has the mainstream media for the most part, despite what the right claims. The people pointing out most of these facts are bloggers.

They criticized the Obama campaign for saying she is lying. The fact is she is!. Last night alone she lied about her position on global warming. She has lied about her support for the bridge to nowhere.. That's just two and there are many more already reported and more to come I am sure.

McCain has put this country at risk by choosing a potential Vice President with no knowledge, no applicable experience for the purpose of political gain. Country First?

They are trying to fool women in this country into believing just because she is a woman any criticism of her record is sexist? Do they think women need to be defended, that they cannot stand on their own, cannot answer questions, cannot stand on their qualifications and experience? Quite clearly it is the McCain campaign that is showing sexism here by assuming all of these things.

The most outrageous yet sly image in this latest ad, is the end where they show a picture of Barack Obama, who by the way, have you noticed is black, with the word "disrespectful." i believe that is what they called Virgil Tibbs in the movie, In the Heat of the Night. But of course McCain wouldn't try to play to racial hate. Would he?

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