Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Barack's Quote of the Day

Last night on Kieth Olberman Barack Obama said, "The Republicans can't govern but they run good campaigns."

He hit it right on the head. How else can you explain that RepubOILcans keep getting votes from people that are actually hurt by how they actually rule. Just look at the fact that most Americans now know that Iraq was a mistake in fact most know we were lied into war. Yet the Republicans have managed to change the topic not to getting into the war itself but to the "surge." How else do Americans by a whopping percentage know that American is on the wrong track on just about every issue, yet McCain is selling a message that another 4 years of the same is "change."

How do you explain that most Americans are horrified that we now torture prisoners, they are upset that we have lost our respect and moral authority around the world, yet the Republicans have convinced them that 200,000 people turning out showing their respect and excitement for a Barack Obama in Germany was somehow a bad thing. Remember Kennedy in Berlin, Reagan's "tear down this wall", we were proud of the respect our leaders garnered around the world, now we have a President that has to be snuck in at night to attend a meeting in a European country.

8 years of mismanagement of tax policy, spending, energy, banking has lead this country to the brink of economic collapse with more foreclosures since the depression, oil prices that are breaking the budgets of most citizens, food prices that shock every time you go to the store, and even people losing their life savings because of illness. McCain offers the same policies of the last 8 years, yet the polls are close?

McCain who was part of the Keating five savings and loan scandal, and has 7 top lobbyists running his campaign, a Vice Presidential Candidate that lies about her support for the "bridge to nowhere" and hired a lobbyist to obtain 27 million in earmarks for a town of 6000 people now claims they are "reformers."

While the Republicans have tried to convince that for our "safety and security" we must elect them, while in the last 8 years, we were victims of the worst terrorist attack on American soil in history, a city drowned while unqualified campaign donors placed in official positions showed their incompetence, and Iran, North Korea and terrorist organizations are now more a threat to us then ever. Now they want us to reward them with electing McCain President?

Yes quite clearly the Republican's cannot govern, but they sure can campaign.

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