Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin fires Police Chief to help her campaign contributors

ABC News is reporting that when Sarah Palin was elected Mayor by 671 voters in Alaska, she fired the Police Chief because he wanted to change the closing time of bars from 5am to 2 am. He wanted to do this to cut down on fights and drunk driving arrests. Now why would the champion of the Christian Right who was "saved" from her Catholic upbringing and "found Jesus," want to keep bars open longer? Well because they were contributors to her campaign of course.

They along with the contributors in the NRA who also had issues with the Police Chief because he had concerns about allowing concealed weapons, were not happy thus she fired him.

Now how much money in contributions does it take exactly to win 671 votes? Well you wouldn't think much but it cost a long time Police Chief his career.

Reformer, yea right.

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