Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCain's talking point

Seeing McCain on Jay Leno last night it became once again quite clear to me that McCain seems to be stuck on one talking point. Below is what I envision his talking point notes say:

How many houses do you own? McCain: Well I was a POW and didn't have a house

How do you wish to deal with food prices? McCain: Well I was a POW and we didn't get to eat much.

What will you do about gas prices? Well I was a POW and back then we would have loved to have a vehicle to put gas in to escape.

How do you expect to make health care available to more Americans? McCain: Well when I was a POW we would have been glad to pay any amount of money for an aspirin.

Tell us about your beliefs on Women's Issues? McCain: Well when I was a POW we would have been thrilled to have some women around.

Explain your votes against so many bills on veterans benefits. McCain: Well I was a POW and so I love veterans, how dare you ask me that.

You voted to allow torture of detainees after you yourself were tortured, please explain that? McCain: I was a POW and was tortured so I am absolutely against well I was against....umm umm these are really bad guys and our torture isn't that bad.

Tell us about the importance of faith in your life? McCain: Well when I was a POW this guy drew a cross in the sand and umm umm oh wait I read that in a book.

OK OK we get it you were a POW. We know the story, we know about your bravery and what you went through, we get it and we respect you for that. What we don't get is what qualifies you to be President.



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