Saturday, August 23, 2008

900+ in Ohio are "Fired Up and Ready to Go"

Today on the campus of The Ohio State University 900 plus campaign leaders from all areas of Ohio spent the day at an organizing convention put on by Barack Obama's Ohio Campaign for Change. These were paid staffers, Volunteer Neighborhood Team Leaders and Coordinators in attendance. This event is unprecedented in Ohio Political history for so many campaign leaders to spend their entire day to travel to Columbus from every county in this state not to attend a rally but to have a nuts and bolts organization and training meeting.

Governor Ted Strickland addressed the group with his exciting brand of motivation, but articulated clearly the importance of this campaign especially in Ohio. The rest of the day was nuts and bolts planning, organizing and idea sharing.

What was most remarkable was the wide range of demographics of the leaders that will be hitting the streets and organizing their neighborhoods. The included many religions, all races, ages from young teens to in their 60's and older. Union members, business owners, veterans, teachers, students and stay at home mothers.

The size and motivation of this core group is a clear indication that this campaign will be different in Ohio. Every county, every neighborhood, city, rural, traditionally blue or red will have organized teams knocking on doors.

One topic that hit me personally was the need for us "Internet" supporters, those that email and blog furiously expressing our opinions and ranting on various issues, to get off the net, and to get our shoes on the ground in our neighborhoods.

I am not discounting the value of blogging by any means. But I am also quite aware that blogs don't register voters, nor do they get people to the polls on election day. Most that read political blogs are already politically aware and active, its the ones that don't that will make or break this election.

So I urge all of you, blog away, continue your good work on the net. But put on those comfy shoes, put on your Obama button, get to some events and start talking to your neighbors. There are over 50 Obama campaign offices in Ohio, if you haven't been to one yet, get your feets moving and get to one.

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