Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saddleback:Simplistic Fantasies vs Intelligent Reality.

The real contrasts between Barack Obama and John McCain were clear tonight in the forum at the Saddleback Church in Orange County California. Question after question Barack Obama had a conversation with the Pastor and the American People. He gave real answers to many difficult questions. He not only showed that he heard the question in the first place but gave answers based on an actual understanding of those issues. It was clear he was intelligent, thoughtful and sincere throughout the evening.

Then came McCain who went off on endless stories that reminded me of my Grandpa's stories of the olden days that sometimes had little to do with the question asked. When he did give answers he stated simplistic short responses based on what he thought the audience wanted to hear, despite the fact they were completely unrealistic. When he did give longer answers they were partisen rants we have heard over and over again the last 8 years.

When it came to a question on defining "rich." Obama game a real answer on taxation and fairness and how tax policy and tax cuts should be done. McCain basically made the dream world answer that he wasn't going to tax anyone. On a question on evil, McCain said a simple we must defeat it. Obama said that it must be confronted strongly knowing of course true evil will always exist and there will always be a battle to fight it and how we must work with the world to do so. On a question on Supreme Court justices, Obama gave an answer speaking of choosing Justices based on their qualifications, McCain gave an answer saying he wouldn't support the entire list of "liberal" justices which, by the way all of which he actually voted for.

The pun dents tonight are assuming the American people are stupid, believing that McCain's stump speech simplistic uninformed answers will be better received than Obama's answers based in true and realistic intellectual understandings.

I have more faith in the American people than the pun dents. I believe they will see McCain for what he is, a partisan who will say anything he thinks you want to hear vs. Obama an intelligent thoughtful leader that has the ablity and understanding to actually solve problems.

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