Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush loses “The Game of Risk”

Ok I may be dating myself but when I was in college one of our past times was a board game called “The Game of Risk.” For those not familiar it was a strategy game about world dominance that involved placing your armies and making alliances in order to not only defend your territory but to gain strength and eventually dominate the world.

I cannot help but see the correlation between that game and what is currently happening in the Republic of Georgia. Bush has so damaged and overused the resources of the United States that we are now impudent while Russia takes what appear to be steps to restore the Soviet Empire.

While Bush has put all the cubes the United States has into Iraq not only have we lost control of Afghanistan, but also to our flank the Russians are clearly taking steps to overrun Georgia to restore the old Soviet Empire.

What cubes does Bush have to play to prevent it? Well he tried expressing outrage about Russia creating an excuse to invade a sovereign nation. But um since we did exactly that in invading Iraq we no longer have the moral authority to rally the world to do anything about it.

Do we have the military force cube? Well let’s see we don’t have enough military to cover Afghanistan, the real war on terrorism so I’m guessing Russia is pretty safe.

The economic pressure cube? Hmm well since Europe and we are so dependent on Russian oil, I’m guessing, nope.

So while the Bush McCain foreign, energy, and economic policies are all tied up elsewhere, Russia is moving through at will just like in the “Game of Risk” where a player flies through the flank of a player left open and takes over the world.

What damage has Bush done, how much more damage can be done with 4 more years of the same policies? Well I’m guessing our time as the only super power is about over.

Unfortunatly this isn't a game. The cold war has returned. Way to go Bush.

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