Friday, July 25, 2008

OH-18: Dailey wants more profits for Big Oil

Fred Dailey showed that he is another RepubOILcan, wanting to increase the assets of big oil rather then actually requiring them to produce new supplies from the leases they hold within 68,000,000 acres of drillable area that they now hold idly on their balance sheets.

Yesterday Dailey said, . "Zack Space has done nothing to help Eastern Ohioans during this energy crisis. My approach includes drilling for oil off our coasts and in ANWR." Dailey also came out opposed to the "use it or lose it bill" which actually forces Big Oil to actually drill on the lands they currently lease, that could have an immediate impact on oil prices.

In short, more profits for big oil, no action to increase supply.

Zack Space proposes real solutions that do not have as their litmus test more profits for big oil.

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