Friday, July 18, 2008

Their Definiton of Elitist

Ever since some on the right wing have been labeling Barack Obama as an "elitist" I have been baffled. A man born to an immigrant father and white mother in Kansas? Raised by a single Mother after his father left when he was two? A man that put himself through college and worked in a low paying job as a community organizer?

I mean it's not like he was born into a prominent family, got into school because of who his father and grandfather were, spent his first years after school driving around womanizing in a convertible, dumped his disabled wife to marry a younger blond heiress and has never held a job that the check wasn't paid for by taxpayers.

Perhaps its because he is black man that wears a suit, that finished at the top of his class at Harvard Law, is an inspiring speaker, who prefers to shoot hoops then golf at the country club, and dares to dream of being the first African American President.

I understand now, to these racists in suits the word "elitist" is the new politically correct word for uppity n*****.

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