Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Space's 3 Pronged Approach on Oil Prices.

I listened in on a conference call town meeting last night on oil prices with Congressman Zack Space of the Ohio 18th.

He detailed a 3 pronged approach to expand domestic supply, reduce demand and to rectify problems in the oil market such as speculation, the lowering dollar and price gauging.

There were over 12,000 participants in this call and though various issues were discussed the primary focus was gas prices.

On the subject of drilling, Space commented that additional drilling must be part of it but it must be teamed with conservation and finding additional sources of energy. Space said, "Anyone that suggests all we do is drill and our problems just go away is misguided."

Other comments related to oil prices included a need for international leadership as the problem is a world wide issue that is effected by many factors outside the United States, as well as it will require bi partisan cooperation in this country.

Space also discussed a proposal for a rural commuters tax credit that would assist those living in the rural communities of places like eastern Ohio that have to commute 30 miles or more to their jobs.

There was discussion on the stress on food banks and Space mentioned that he as sought to increase funding for those organizations.

On other issues Space discussed the Renew Ohio project that strives to make Ohio part of the changes in industries and the economy rather then victims of it, by promoting job growth in technology and environmental and alternative energy.

There was also a question on the 2nd amendment. Space made it clear that he was a member of the NRA he supported the recent Supreme Court decision on the Washington DC gun ban. He stated that he felt gun ownership was a basic right and part of our culture and that law abiding citizens should not be restricted from owning guns. He said,"I am an advocate for rights of gun owners and will do so as long as I am here."

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