Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Country is in Crisis

When you saw that headline, what “crisis” did you think of? The economy, gas prices, the war in Iraq, terrorism? The crisis I speak of is the end of our country as we knew it.

Most Americans are struggling; many have lost their jobs, some their homes, most of us are seeing our savings shrink and our debt grow. Meanwhile the politicians argue over tax cuts for the richest Americans and whether it’s fair for Exxon Mobile to make 80 billion in profit. The congress debated several measures this week on extending unemployment, windfall profits taxes for the oil companies and even a bill to impeach the President was introduced. Yet all they actually did was give speeches blaming the other side for the problems and in fact doing nothing. Oh wait they did pass a resolution asking Americans to spend their $600 windfall on American made products, how ridiculous.

Our country is ruled by men raised, tied to and that benefit financially from the Oil industry, while they have been in office they have managed to become richer and make their friends richer on the backs of Americans. Oil related companies have been given billion dollar contracts from the war; doing something that was once considered treason, war profiteering. Knowing this, how can any of us be surprised nothing is being done to stop this current environment where their profits go through the roof while you and I struggle.

A President of the United States lied to the world, and to the Congress and to us to lead us to attack a country that did not attack us or any of our allies. For the first time in our nations history we started a war. Most Americans know this is what happened. Congress knows this is what happened, the world knows this is what happened. Yet we do nothing. We impeached a President for sex, and this Man has started a war and nothing has happened, no outrage by the citizens, Congress decides that despite their oath to defend and protect the Constitution its too politically hard to hold these criminals in the White House responsible. Some say they will be out of office anyway. Yes but what will prevent this from occurring again in the future.

The fear of terrorism has allowed this administration to shred the Constitution and the principals that our country has always held despite the fact our enemies did not. It was what made us great; it was what put us above our enemies. It was what gave us the respect of the world. Now we hold prisoners with no trial, Republican pundants actually sit on news shows and justify that these people don’t deserve the rights given in our constitution nor should we abide by the Geneva conventions for these prisoners. The United States of America is torturing people! . Held them without telling them why or actually charging them with a crime. Our Administration justifies wiretapping and spying on its on citizens saying that the rule of courts or the law that has long been constitutional glue that has held our country and our rights together is too much a hassle.

Yesterday the Supreme Court by a very narrow margin 5-4 had to step in to restore the right of Habeas Corpus a basic right that not only our President but also the Congress tried to suspend. A basic unalienable right, yet people actually straight faced on news programs accused this court who just took a small step in restoring our constitution of being some liberal activists.

Let me summarize, A President lied to start a war, we are being held hostage by oil companies, our economy is failing, our constitution is being ignored and 10 more soldiers died in Iraq so far this month. An all that is being done is Congressmen and Senators pointing fingers at each other? Surrogates’ pointing out one Presidential Candidate is Old and the other is Black and people crying that everyone was mean to the female candidate.

Wake up people, this crisis is real. We must light a fire under our leaders to actually accomplish something. They must take real action to solve problems rather then band aids that get them votes. They must stop spending all their time accusing the other side and start working with the other side.

Most importantly the Supreme Court narrowly saved one piece of our constitution yesterday. We must make sure we elect a man that will appoint Justices who have the integrity to defend the constitution rather then pushing ideological agendas. One more like Roberts, Scalia or Alito on the Supreme Court could result in the end of the country, as we knew it.

It doesn’t take long to see the McCain Bush Republican path is leading us to disaster. . This country will not survive if change doesn’t come now. Barack is someone we can believe in. This election isnt a sporting event, its now about blue states or red states, its about the well being of our nation.

Its time to wake up and shout that we must have change to fix the real problems and to stop the bickering and smearing over matters that mean nothing and to do something about real issues.

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