Friday, May 30, 2008

Could the Father Pfleger Video Hurt Hillary More then Obama?

Once again the main stream media picks up another non story from the Fox News Propaganda machine and repeats it, despite the obvious disdain for this by those such as Chris Matthews who made his opinion quite clear on Morning Joe from MSNBC. This particular attempt at creating a new "pastor gate" by fox may actually backfire.

My take is this, unlike Pastor Wrights comments, this Priests comments were first clearly an attempt at humor and most importantly a great deal of Americans actually agree with him. I mean polls show a number of Americans doubt her sincerity. Her campaign has clearly been run from the beginning like she was "owed" the nomination. The lack of results of her campaign are clear evidence she and her campaign were blindsided by Obama's success.

I have written as much here in the past and many many pundants have expressed similar opinions along the way. Yes perhaps not in such a mocking tone, but the opinions regardless are real. The only exception I have is his use of the word "white." With all her flaws I do not believe Hillary believed she deserved the nomination because she was white. Female perhaps, white no.

The more they show this video it doesn't really make Obama look bad instead it reinforces the widely held beliefs that already exist concerning Hillary.

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