Friday, May 09, 2008

Stop the Scapegoating of Marc Dann

Since the rise of the Moral Majority in 1980 one of my main political goals has been to stop these people along with the Rod Parsleys and Pat Robertsons of the world from hijacking our country and enforcing their religion and moral beliefs on us all.

This recent "moral police" attack on Marc Dann must be stopped. I expect this type of thing from republicans but it disgusts me that people like Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland have jumped on board. What a hypocrite Strickland is to feign such outrage at Marc Dann's affair while he stands there as the best friend of the Clinton's who were involved in the most celebrated marital infidelity in history.

As for you lefty bloggers, did you scream and shout for Bill Clinton to resign or to be impeached? Why not, didn't he have a sexual liasion with someone in his office? Perhaps before you all continue this witch hunt you should read "The Crucible" again.

Marc Dann did NOT commit a crime, he did not break any laws. He is not even accused of doing so. Whether or not you think cheating on your spouse is wrong or not, which frankly I do, the fact is, it is not illegal. The only person that has the right to hold him accountable is his wife period. The only accusation of a sexual harrasment crime was of another in his office not Dann.

So get off your moral high horses hypocrites or start demanding that every person in the state that has ever committed infidelity immediately resign from the jobs.

This frankly is just outrageous. What's next, demanding the impeachment of anyone that watches Cinemax?

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Blogger Modern Esquire said...

It's not about the affair, it's about the unprofessional work environment, the destruction of evidence, the attempts to cover up outrageous and illegal behavior among senior aides, and cronyism...

4:42 PM  

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