Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clinton Myth: “They do it too.”

Like the pathological liar that is the first person to accuse everyone else of lying, since the Clinton Campaign has begun their “kitchen sink” strategy, every time they get called on anything their response is “Obama does it too.”

But here are the Facts: Let’s start with the “dirty campaigning” incidents. It was Bill Clinton that made racial remarks by repeatedly bringing up Jesse Jackson during the South Carolina Primary. It was the Clinton Campaign that released the picture of Obama in a Kenyan tribal costume. It was Hillary that made implications concerning Louis Farrakhan. It was Hillary Clinton that purposely and carefully phrased her answers to the “Muslim” question to leave doubt. It was a Clinton staffer Geraldine Ferraro that claimed Obama was “Lucky because he is black.” It was Bill Clinton that carefully and purposely implied that Hillary and McCain were the only two in the race that “loved their country,” then clearly mentioned “other things” once again implying the “race issue.” It was Hillary advisor James Carville that called Bill Richardson “Judas.”

Compare that to the accusations of “Dirty Campaigning” in the Obama campaign. One of the Obama staff called her a “monster.” Ohhhh mean, gasp, how awful. Another local Iowa supporter mentioned the “blue dress.”

Now how did each campaign handle it? Samantha Powers was gone the next day, the blue dress comment was gone off the guys local blog in less then a day. Clinton’s campaign had Ferraro resign almost a week later and everyone else is still with the campaign and no apologies have followed.

What amazes me is the main stream media keeps speaking as if both campaigns have gone dirty, when the fact is, Obama has taken the high road and Hillary has wallowed in the mud on a daily basis.

Lets talk about lies. Hillary has exaggerated her record on everything from SCHIP, to Northern Ireland, lied about her support for NAFTA, and told a fantastic lie about her trip to Bosnia. Her accusations concerning Obama’s honesty?

She claimed his staff gave Canada a wink and no worries on NAFTA, one problem it was her campaign that did that. But today’s was priceless. She claimed he lied about his position as a professor when he was running for State Senate. It’s true his title is lecturer he is not a tenured Professor. When in college did you call the man or woman at the front of the room “lecturer” or “professor?”

The truth is clearly that the Clinton campaign is being called on numerous cheap shots, lies and misstatements. The Obama campaign has been run with class, honesty and integrity. Which traits do you want in a President?

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