Saturday, March 22, 2008

Truth Trumps Loyalty

Since well before the first vote was cast in this nominating process, the Clinton’s have acted as if Hillary was owed this nomination. They have gone to every contact, every friend, and every party official calling in favors and expecting their support. It has worked with many. Stephanie Tubbs Jones on numerous occasions cited “loyalty” as her reason for supporting Hillary.

Yesterday one man chose truth over loyalty. Bill Richardson the governor of New Mexico, despite his friendship with the Clinton’s, despite the fact that his career was if not made possible but at least greatly enhanced by the Clintons, endorsed Barack Obama. Richardson showed with his endorsement that to him, Truth is more important.

This was not easy for him. He knew the arrogant wrath he would get from the Clinton’s and he has. When he did the honorable thing and called her to inform her of his decision, he received a heated response. Clinton supporters have struck out at him calling him traitor and today James Carville called him “Judas.”

But Richardson chose the truth. He may owe the Clinton’s thanks, and he has given them that. But that is all they are owed. He chose the truth that it is Barack Obama that has the support of the people in every measurable way. The truth that it is Barack Obama that has shown that he is the one that can unite this country and achieve the things we so much need. It is Obama that has shown class and leadership and taken the high road in this race. It is Obama that has spoken the truth consistently and never wavered from his beliefs or principles. It is Barack Obama who has been honest about his experience and record. It is Barack Obama that has the clear ability to win in November.

Perhaps the most important truth is this race is over. There is no way without destroying the Democratic Party that Hillary Clinton can win this nomination. Clinton felt she was owed the nomination. Barack Obama has earned it.

Richardson said yesterday that it was time to stop the fighting and prepare to beat John McCain in November. That was the biggest truth spoken of the day. It is time. It is time for Al Gore, John Edwards, Joe Biden, the party officials and the other super delegates to choose truth as well.

Thank the Clinton’s for the past. But prepare for the future with Barack Obama.

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