Friday, March 14, 2008

Shame on Hillary: Part 5

In my ongoing passion for truth and exposing the dishonesty of Hillary Clinton and her Campaign, this is the 5th in a series pointing out lies, misstatements and exaggerations made by her and her campaign.

S-Chip: Hillary has stated a number of times that she “Helped to start” and “in 1997, I joined forces with members of Congress and we passed the State Children's Health Insurance Program.” Turns out that this is another Clinton exaggeration at best a complete lie at worst.

The Boston Globe reported today that a number of members of Congress who were actually involved in the bill are fuming over her “exaggerations.” The bill in reality was introduced by Senator Ted Kennedy and was met with resistance from the Clinton White House not support.

Senator Orin Hatch said, "We all care about children. But does she deserve credit for SCHIP? No - Teddy does, but she doesn't."

Henry Waxman of California said, “It was a bipartisan bill. I don't remember the role of the White House…It did not originate at the White House.”

Johnathan Alter of Newsweek and MSNBC commented that, the Globe story is consistent with what he has been told privately by lawmakers who are quite upset by her exaggerations on her role in S-Chip.

Once again proof she has a falsified resume. Most companies consider this grounds for firing.

Honesty is the most important trait in a President, Hillary is not qualified to be President.

Source: The Boston Globe and MSNBC

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