Thursday, March 13, 2008

Space to assist in Bush Cover-up?

Since 2001 George W. Bush has used the fear of terrorism as justification for a myriad of crimes against the American people and the world, leaving the constitution in shreds. The last several years he along with the complicity of Congress he has methodically worked to either attempt to make his crimes legal by changing the laws retroactively or by covering them up.

The current FISA bill has as its core purpose to prevent legal action that will lead to investigations and thus expose crimes committed by the Bush administration. There is no other reason for this bill. The existing FISA law allows wiretapping quickly and easily. But it requires a court review and a warrant after the fact.

There is only one reason the Bush administration doesn’t want court review. That is they are wiretapping people for reasons having nothing to do with terrorism. There is only one reason they want immunity for telecom companies, it’s because crimes were committed and would come out in such legal action.

The American people voted in a Democratic congress to put a stop to Bush and his crimes. But since then they have done little. Now word has it that Zack Space 18th District Congressmen is considering voting for this bill. If he does he will be a conspirator in the Bush cover-up. More and more it is appearing that Zack Space is willing to give up his values to keep the Republicans in his district happy. That is not leadership that is selling out.

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