Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shame on Hillary: Part 4

Ferraro Gate: Geraldine Ferraro after her outrageous repeated comments, resigned today not because she thought she did anything wrong, but in defiance claiming the Obama campaign called her a racist. One problem, no one in the Obama campaign called her a racist. In fact they were about the only people in the country who didn’t. Did Hillary apologize for this Ferraro mess? Of course not.

Michigan and Florida: Hillary today said, “those primaries were fair and the votes should count.” Fair to whom? Surely not to the voters of Michigan and Florida who were told in advance that those primaries were beauty contests and wouldn’t count. Not to the many who didn’t bother to vote because of that reason. Not to the candidates that did not even campaign there. The Michigan primary didn’t even have Obama on the ballot. Changing the rules because your losing is called, cheating.

Honesty is the most important trait in a President. Hillary is not qualified to be President.

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