Friday, March 14, 2008

Jeremiah Wright isn’t running for President

The right wing whackos wrap themselves in the flag while embracing Conservative Ministers that preach hate for gays, Catholics and Muslims. They accept those that stand up for the “Christian Values” of War and the Death Penalty. They even accept those that claim 9/11, AIDS and Katrina were “God’s Wrath on America.”

Now they want to attack Barack Obama for attending a church that had a Fiery Pastor who spoke out forcefully about the plight of being a black man in America. Yes he uses words and phrases that are shocking and in my opinion over the line, but his basic points were the truth whether we in the white community want to believe it or not.

Rev. Wright is not running for President. Barack Obama is. Barack Obama has stated clearly he does not agree with everything this Pastor says, nor does he approve of the use of divisive language. The right wing radio hosts want to appeal to the racial fears of many white citizens by bringing out these tapes of the sermons. I have news for my fellow Caucasians; there are black churches in your town preaching in similar ways every Sunday. Why, because they have been in a struggle. Rev. Wright is 70 years old. Think back to what he has seen and experienced as a black man in his long life. He gets angry, wouldn’t you?

Barack Obama can change many of these attitudes and beliefs not only within the black community but in all communities. The belief expressed by Rev. Wright that rich white men control this country will no longer be the case when the President of the United States is black. The feeling of hopelessness by many growing up black will be offset by looking to the white house and seeing that a man grew up much like them, used his education, worked hard and was successful in achieving the pinnacle of success.

It's time to get back to focusing on who and what Barack Obama is. He is the one running for President.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Wright SHOULD be the one running for President. As a diehard fan of Public Enemy and X-Clan, Wright's statements are no different than any militant rapper's cache of samples and sound bites. However, what makes him a better candidate than Barack Obama is that he stands behind his crazy talk 100%.

Does taking this absurd stance make me racist? I don't know-- probably in the eyes of others. But I'm neither black nor white-- I'm a Latino & Asian mix who is amused at all the fuss going on right now.

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