Monday, March 17, 2008

Space helps fix another Ney mess.

The City of Zanesville dodged a bullet today with the help of Congressman Zack Space. In 2006 a connector road costing 1.5 million dollars was built and opened by the city to connect State Routes 146 and 60. The funding for this was originally secured by Congressman Bob Ney as part of the Route 60 improvement project between Zanesville and Dresden.

When that project was cancelled Bob Ney and the Ohio Department of Transportation of the Taft Administration informed the City of Zanesville, that they could use those funds for the connector road. Turns out Ney never filed a reauthorization for the money.

A month after the road opened the city was informed that the Federal Highway Administration had withdrawn the money. Space worked with Federal officials, the city and ODOT director Jim Beasley to get this money reauthorized.

Space once again saw a problem and got it handled.

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