Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He lied and 1,193,471 have died.

While the media and we put our attention and outrage on the sexual indiscretions of some elected officials, a man sits in the oval office every day that committed the most horrid crime a President can do. He lied to the American people and the world to send us to war.

He told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and were a danger to our safety. He told us Iraq had ties to the terrorists that attacked us. He continues to tie 9/11 to the Iraq war even after the Pentagon has proven after extensive investigation there were no such ties.

We impeached a President for a lie about his private sexual affairs, yet George W Bush’s lie has led to 1,193,471 deaths of human beings. This includes 3,990 brave American men and women of our military, 308 Military personnel from other countries and no less important 1,189,173 Iraqi lives.

There is no disputing the facts, there were no weapons of mass destruction, and there were no ties to terrorism. Today Bush stood with a straight face in the pentagon, the home of our brave military that he has been responsible for damaging beyond belief, and continued to claim ties to terrorism. He tried to rewrite history by tying the arrests of some al qaeda leaders to the start of the Iraq war, when those arrests were made in Pakistan and Afghanistan not Iraq. He trys to justify his lies by changing the reasons for the war. Redefining the definition of success.

He bragged about the success of the surge when the reality is the surge was successful at helping to improve a bad situation that we created. This reminds me of the kid I went to high school with that taunted non-swimmer to jump in the deep end of the pool, then received a Boy Scout badge for saving his life from drowning.

When I was a boy learning about the atrocities done by dictators and leaders in History, I never understood how these men were allowed by the citizens of their countries to succeed in their crimes against humanity. I watch what George W. Bush has done and I still do not understand.

Bush remains in office. We have allowed it. There is no shortage of complicity in his crimes. We have not held those responsible who voted to allow Bush to take us to war. We have not demanded that congress investigate and bring to justice those that lied to the country and the world. We have continued to let them rewrite history, change the facts, eliminate those within the government and military that have opposed Bush.

People like Hillary Clinton and John McCain don’t want to talk about the mistakes that got us here, they want us to look at the future. We cannot do that. We must not do that. We simply can’t just find the best way out of this mess that these lies have created. We must also make sure this can never happen again.

There must be investigations, there must be consequences and yes those that have committed crimes including George W. Bush must be brought to justice. This must be done for our future for the future of the world and to gain justice for the 1,193,471 that have died because this horrendous crime.

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Blogger mud_rake said...

The consequences? Only if the World Court indicts him along with Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld because the dumbed-down Americans aren't going to hold them at fault. Most cheered him on 5 years ago today.

4:35 PM  

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