Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dems and Gopers agree: Obama the tougher candidate

Though both conventional wisdom and common sense has been clear that the Republicans do not want to run against Barack Obama today a poll showed how clear that is among both Democrats and Republicans.

In a Gallup poll released March 31st 59% of Democrats believed Barack Obama would have a better chance of beating John McCain.

Republicans were polled and only 22% of them felt John McCain had a better chance of beating Obama then Clinton.

This fact has been clear since before this campaign begain. It was clear to Rupert Murdoch when he donated to Clinton's campaign, it was clear to Kenneth Starr's Law firm when they donated to her campaign. It has been clear to Bill Cunningham when he said he was voting for Clinton. It is clear to Rush Limbaugh who encourages his listeners to manipulate elections and vote for Hillary. It is clear to the Tucker Carlson's and the Pat Buchanan's and the Sean Hanerty's of right wing media who attack Obama at every chance. It is clear the the ultra right wing owner of the Pittsburgh News Gazzette who was a long time Clinton hater, and now writes glowing editorials about her.

The only people this isn't clear to is the Clintons themselves and the blind that follow them in this belief.

The facts are clear, Barack Obama is clearly the best candidate to beat John McCain in November.

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