Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Help Keep Progressive Radio on the Air in Columbus

If you like many of us get sick of only having the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to listen to on the radio, then you understand the importance of stations like WVKO1580 in Columbus.

It gives us shows from Air America, but also Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and local progressive programming as well.

However it takes money to keep this station on the air and they need your help.

Below is a reprinted letter from the station to tell you how you can help.

WVKO-AM 1580 is Central Ohio's "Air America" station, broadcasting
Progressive Talk programs since December 2007.

There is good news and bad news about the station.

First the bad news:

Due to slow advertising sales, WVKO is currently having trouble
paying its bills. Good, progressive Salespeople are hard to find in
Central Ohio, especially for a startup mom-and-pop station like WVKO.
The station now finds itself with unpaid bills, and may have to shut
down if $50,000 is not raised within the next few weeks.

Now the good news:

Do you remember how it felt when Air America was pulled from the
airwaves a year and a half ago? Air America fans were told that there
was nothing they could do to help save that station. Well, this time
there is a way for you to keep Air America on the air ... through a
generous donation to the station. By clicking on your choice of PayPal
buttons on our Contribution page
, your contribution will go directly toward keeping Air America on

This show of support from Progressives like you will keep the station
on the air, and will enable WVKO management to pay off current debts.
Salespeople will be assured that the station will remain on the air,
enabling them to make sales calls with confidence.

Please make your contribution now:


For more information, and to track the Grand Total of contributions,
go here: http://www.wvko1580.com/contribution/

If you have any comments or suggestions for the station, please fill
out our online comment form here: http://www.wvko1580.com/contact/

Thanks very much for your support!

WVKO Management


Ohio Majority Radio

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Blogger Ben said...

Looks like another liberal radio success story

5:04 PM  

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