Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary is not "owed" the VP nomination

In recent weeks there has been this ongoing drumbeat by the media and by Clintonites that somehow Hillary is owed the Vice Presidential nomination. I find this both laughable, ignorant and in some cases blackmail like.

Hillary and her supporters have acted throughout this entire process like she was owed the nomination. That is exactly why she has lost it. She expected the Democratic minions to line up and crown her the nominee because it was her turn. The voters said otherwise.

She lost this nomination through running a horrid inneffective campaign, full of lies, distortions, mistatements, mud throwing and whining. She has tried to change the rules, say one thing one day and another the next, she has proved she will say or do anything to keep her personal ambitions alive at the expense of the party and the country.

Her supporters claim she is needed on the ticket to win women or "the white working class." That is complete bunk. First to women, those that are voting for her just because she is a woman and claim they would vote for McCain if she doesnt get the nod show a level of ignorance and lack of understanding what a McCain presidency would do for women's issues. Those women that are whining that there was some sexist undertone as to why Hillary is losing are again not listening in anyway whatsoever. Are there a few sexists out there, of course, is this the reason she has lost, absolutly not. The fact is most Americans including me have voted for women in many cases for many offices and would not hesitate to do so for President, however just as Jesse Jackson wasn't the right Black Man to run for president, Hillary is simply the wrong woman.

The white working class argument is also just not based on facts. Throughout the country Barack Obama has done remarkably well among white voters. The only place that there has been an obvious demographic racial divide is among the uneducated racists in appalachia. I have news for you folks, these people voted for Bush in the last two elections and in the General election they won't vote for Hillary either. These are the fox news watching, Rush Limbaugh koolaid drinking dolts that do not either take the time nor care to obtain actual facts to make their choices in the voting booth.

The single most important factor in choosing a running mate is are they qualified to be President, that fact I have shown in my numerous "Shame on Hillary" posts are that because of her dishonesty she is not qualified to be President and thus not qualified to be Vice President.

So I urge Barack Obama to ignore the "blackmail" attempts by those such as Diane Fienstien and pick a running mate that is honest, honorable and will be good for the country as a whole.

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Blogger Ben said...

I would agree with you that she isnt owed anything and would probably hurt the ticket.

5:05 PM  

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