Saturday, May 31, 2008

Michigan and Florida Dems Get What They Asked For

Since I have not hesitated to express my views when I disagree with the actions of the party leaders, it is only fair that I express my agreement as well.

The DNC Rules and Bylaws committee met today with a very difficult emotionally charged task to decide what to do with the Florida and Michigan situation. What I found surprising is that both states parties came to the meeting with good solid compromise proposals. The DNC approved both. Both states delegates were seated with one-half votes. The Obama campaign was generous in not objecting to allocation of those delegates based on the primary results, despite the fact there was no campaign there. In the case of Michigan were the primary didn't even have Obama's name on the ballot, they chose an option that based on the best information available reflected the will of the voters of that state.

I applaud the committee for working through a very difficult situation. I also applaud especially the members of the committee that were Clinton supporters who also supported this compromise in the interest of fairness and unity.

I also express my disdain at the childish and rude behavior of the Clinton supporters in the audience along with the silly threat by Clinton lackey Howard Ickes. These folks are never going to be happy unless Hillary gets the nomination. That is not going to happen for many reasons, regardless of the outcome of the vote today.

It's time for the Clintonites to be adults and to start thinking about the good of the country, rather then Hillary's ambitions.

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