Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Their Arrogance is Insulting

Barack Obama came from nowhere to win the perhaps the biggest upset in American political history. He has run a campaign that will be studied by political strategists for decades. He has brought 10's of thousands new voters to be involved. He has gotten demographic groups that never vote in high numbers to do so. He has raised more money from more donors then was conceivable by anyone. He won more states and more votes and most importantly the most delegates. He is not only the clear nominee of the Democratic party but he is most likely favored to win the election to be our next President.

So how dare people attempt to force his hand in anything. He will not be forced by anyone to chose anyone as his running mate. He will do what he has always done to make his decision, using his own judgement, advice from wise sources and in the end use his reasons.

He will not be forced by Hillary Clinton to do anything to get her endorsement. The longer she shows her lack of acceptence of reality, the more she becomes less of a factor to influence anything.

He will not be forced to accept debate formats, schedules and even travel arrangements by John McCain. He will travel to Iraq if he feels its the best thing to do not because he was dared to by McCain or anyone.

Barack Obama is a proven leader. He has proven his judgement and his skill. No one will force him to do anything. Those attempting to do so are insulting and in the end will find any such attempts will only result in failure. It is they that will appear weak, not Barack Obama.

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